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February 15, 2018, 03:12:37 PM


Phase1-2:  We've completed phase1 upgrades, and we will continue to monitor Waygook's site performance.  Phase1-2 is underway, which will include a new user-interface and a mobile friendly version for your ease of access. /index.php?topic=110359.0

Note:  Please pay attention to net-neutrality.  The U.S. Congress is attempting to ratify corporate-driven censorship on the internet:
Why it's imporant: https://youtu.be/UsyzP5hejxI

Recent Activity

topic Tragedy in Las Vegas
Today at 02:31:11 PM
topic When will Trump be impeached?
Today at 02:28:17 PM
topic Where are the jobs you PROMISED, trump?
Today at 02:26:17 PM
topic Korean Olympic skater loses medal after push
[Korea Newsroom]
Today at 12:58:45 PM
topic Is teaching English making us more stupid?
[Life in Korea]
Today at 12:58:15 PM
topic Cultural Appropriation is liberal propaganda!
[Life in Korea]
Today at 10:31:12 AM
topic Approximately US$10 Billion to Lose
[Life in Korea]
Today at 10:27:47 AM
topic iPhone SE SOLD
[Buy, Sell, Trade...]
Mr G
Today at 10:18:34 AM
topic Teaching for First Nations
Today at 12:11:04 AM
topic Driving Schools in Mockpo
Yesterday at 10:33:13 PM
topic If you hire racists, does that make you a racist?
Yesterday at 04:11:00 PM
topic #TrumpShutdown becomes top trending hashtag worldwide
Yesterday at 04:05:41 PM
topic No More Quarterpounders? WTF?
[Life in Korea]
Yesterday at 03:39:46 PM
topic KPOP Merchandise
Yesterday at 12:29:00 PM
topic A thread for pointless Friday ramblings.
["Open" Discussions]
Yesterday at 11:12:37 AM

Work Related

topic lowest offer for a while
[Contract, and Job Related Issues]
Today at 11:57:48 AM
[Contract, and Job Related Issues]
Yesterday at 09:55:30 PM
topic Should I quit and wait?
[Contract, and Job Related Issues]
Yesterday at 09:20:22 AM
topic American Male E-2 Visa holder looking for employment starting the end of Febuary
[Looking for Employment]
Jihoon Ryu
February 13, 2018, 01:26:25 PM

Recent Help Threads

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[February 13, 2018, 10:37:31 PM]

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[February 13, 2018, 11:27:06 AM]

New in Lesson Plans

A Pokemon Go Bomb game by dmw923
[Today at 08:08:08 AM]

Odd-One-Out game by alexteacherkorea
[Yesterday at 08:30:12 AM]

Valentine's Day Rings by eslkidz
[Yesterday at 05:10:39 AM]

Pokeidols (Pokemon+ kpop idols) Telepathy Game Template by Mandrake
[February 13, 2018, 03:14:04 PM]

2015 Grade 6 Cheonjae 2 - 9. How Often Do You Exercise? by vicarious
[February 13, 2018, 01:38:53 PM]

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